Strategic Overview

At SCL Health, we recognize the best way to reach challenging goals is to set clear priorities and stay true to them. We are proud of the progress our ministry continues to make to support our mission, vision and values, and we are committed to sustaining and advancing our work to improve the health of the people and communities we serve, especially the poor and vulnerable.

To focus our resources on the most important ways we can grow the reach of our mission and better serve our patients, we have created a multi-year strategic plan reflecting four strategic imperatives we relentlessly pursue. We may adjust the initiatives within each focus area slightly each year, like the sails of a boat, but ultimately our strategic imperatives guide every aspect of our work across our ministry.


Aligned & Empowered Organization

Our associates are at the heart of our success at SCL Health. Creating and aligned and empowered organization is foundational to our ability to execute any of our strategic initiatives. We empower our associates by building an inspiring, supportive culture that embraces our core values to ensure everyone who comes to work for SCL Health feels they can truly make a difference.


As an organization, our goal is to be an essential provider with strength in the right geographies, specialties and services in every community we serve, ensuring the healthcare needs of each community are addressed. We will continue to explore and pursue opportunities that enhance services across the care continuum to best meet the unique needs of individuals in the communities we serve.

Aligned Clinician Network

At SCL Health, we will continue to focus on building a strong, aligned network of providers. We want to ensure we are creating an outstanding experience for our providers, giving them tools to increase resiliency, reduce burnout, build their leadership skills, and foster a strong connection to our culture and mission. We will build on this foundation through intentional focus on our culture, structure and tools to ensure we have doctors and clinicians who have what they need to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Clinical & Operational Transformation

The healthcare environment is constantly evolving and changing. This means we must think differently about how we deliver care to our patients and keep up with the ways healthcare is shifting. This will ensure we not only optimize our quality, safety and patient experience, but also seek opportunities to reduce the cost of healthcare and increase transparency, which our patients deserve.

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