Strategic Overview

You know that the only way to reach a challenging goal is to set clear priorities and stay true to them. It’s the same with SCL Health. Our ministry is improving and growing because we set clear strategic priorities that we constantly pursue. We may adjust them slightly each year, like the sails of a boat, but ultimately our priorities guide all major decisions for the organization.

SCL Health is dedicated to you and your loved ones and humbled to be a trusted health partner in the dynamic and changing world of healthcare. We embrace the following strategic priorities.


We will offer high-quality, safe and effective care to individuals and families in a convenient setting that best meets their needs, including outpatient locations close to work and home, access to online and virtual health resources and home healthcare.

Ministry excellence

To achieve excellence, we are establishing ourselves as the person-centered, trusted health partner through our commitment to quality, safety and the care experience, talent development, operational efficiency and system-wide financial health.

Accountable health

Seamless care delivery that allows for appropriate access, improved health outcomes and lower overall costs of care across the continuum is our ultimate goal as we practice accountable health.

Provider partnership

As we rapidly shift to clinically-integrated, person-centered care from a hospital-centric model, we offer a network of providers who cater to individuals and community health in a broader sense.


To ensure the long-term sustainability of our mission, we must grow, both nationally and regionally. We pursue growth through a variety of means, including organically, through acquisitions and partnerships and by developing services to meet more health and wellness needs in the communities we serve.

Leverage skill, scale and learning

All SCL Health associates are part of a larger organization which allows the sharing of knowledge and best practices and development of internal experts from across the system to shape our healing ministry.


Applying a variety of tools and approaches, we will create an environment where every associate is encouraged and empowered to demonstrate our caring spirit and take action to improve person-centered care.

These priorities are designed to help SCL Health continue to improve our quality and patient satisfaction, prepare for changes in healthcare, grow and serve out our mission.

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